• Windows Mobile Applications Development

    Enhancing functionality of windows mobile as per the customized needs of the client.

The Windows OS for mobile platforms is developed by Microsoft and is gaining popularity quickly in many mobile devices and smart phones. Users with windows powered mobile phones can benefit greatly because of the availability of many computing features that are similar to MS Windows OS for the desktop.

The most popular desktop software namely, MS Office, MS Outlook, etc. are easily available in a mobile device that is powered by a Windows mobile OS. The mobile applications development is done using the Windows Mobile SDK available from Microsoft to create many interesting applications namely,

  • Productivity apps
  • Email and scheduler apps
  • Weather and news apps
  • Business/Finance apps
  • Web applications
  • Widgets
  • Applications porting

Our well experienced team of experts and developers will provide all the infrastructural support to create apps that are unique to fulfill your specific requirements.

Our expertise in developing solutions using most popular Microsoft technologies (.NET Framework, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server/Mobile Edition, Other Microsoft based technologies, etc) steers us into this area of comprehensive windows mobile application development.

The solutions we create are designed to mitigate the risks involved in data security. The apps we create and deploy takes care of this critical area in improving security and maintaining privacy for our clients. Using our extensive experience in Microsoft technologies, we offer the most appropriate solution for customized applications development for Windows Mobile platforms. Please feel free to contact us to fulfill your custom app requirement.