• Software Testing Services

    We offer a robust QA service that is intended to detect errors in software applications.

Why testing is important?

Software testing is an investigative process that is carried out to ensure the software application that is developed, fulfils the quality standards, is error free and functions correctly as intended. Software testing is an important activity in IT application design and development. Tests are performed to understand and overcome the risks and errors in software while implementing a software application.

Mindzpark’s Software Test Methodology

Test techniques normally involve the process of executing the application or programs for errors (bugs) and other defects related to procedures and data flow. Our team of software test experts specialized in various technologies ensure the software projects under development are fulfilling client requirements and function efficiently without errors.

We perform test processes with the intent of validating and verifying the software application or product or program to fulfil whether,

  • It meets the requirements as per designs;
  • It works correctly as required;
  • It can be implemented in its present configurations.

Software testing process can be initiated at any stage in the development process however, for a software product to be fool proof the process has to start right from the initial stage of the development life cycle. Our software test experts are familiar with the test tools that are currently available in the market.

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance (SQA or QA) determines the software development process holistically rather than testing the code, systems and documentation. This activity is performed by experts which involves a through review of the software engineering process to reduce the amount of defects or bugs that end-up in the final delivered software.

We offer a robust QA service that is intended to detect errors in software applications. Our software application reviews are focused towards nullifying the bugs if found between expected results and the actual output by following a standard set of test metrics and procedures.

Our Testing Services and Solutions

Our software testing expertise includes the following areas:
  • Requirements capture and analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Designing test cases and Traceability Matrix
  • Test Execution
  • Management and tracking of defects
  • Generating test report
  • Test metrics
  • Test stability analysis coverage

We offer complete test catlog for your SDLC needs and our expertise in testing includes the following test methodologies:

  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Functionality testing
  • White box testing
  • Security testing
  • Regression testing
  • Product testing
We offer software test services for various industry verticals and our industry expertise include, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail industry, Healthcare, Telecom and Software gaming solutions. Our technology expertise includes .NET, Java, PHP, Open Source, J2EE, Mobile Applications, Web applications, ERP, etc. We shall be glad to offer you the right test approach for your software application requirement. Please feel free to contact us…