• Mobile Application Development

    Our expertise in the mobile applications domain leverages our strengths in developing enterprise solutions

Mindzparkā€™s Mobile Application Development Services

Mobile phone technology is growing constantly with smart and improved features and functionalities on mobile devices. This is providing enormous opportunities for mobile computing and solutions development. We provide services under mobile computing, application development and mobility solutions for clients on most recent and popular mobile devices available in the market.

We are experts in providing customized mobile solutions to our client. Our mobile development solutions are focused to provide many benefits that include real time integration, configuring the device for real time access, compatibility with email services, social networks, database access, connectivity on the go, videos, etc.

We also offer customized software for traveling corporate executives across all available mobile platforms that include smart phones, Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones, etc. Using our applications clients can have access real-time information anytime, using any mobile device and from anywhere.

Our Services

Our application development services are customized to work on all popular mobile platforms and offer web and desktop solutions in the following categories:
  • Entertainment
  • Multimedia
  • Search Tool
  • Social Networking
  • Utilities etc.
  • Web-based applications development for mobile devices
  • Custom Android application development
  • Java mobile applications development
  • Mobile business software creation

Our expertise in the mobile applications domain leverages our strengths in developing enterprise solutions. We shall be glad to provide our detailed description of our mobile software development projects on request and also schedule for a demo to showcase our expertise.

Android Application Development

Android is a mobile OS used to power smart phones that has gained popularity quickly. This is based on Linux platform developed by Google. The applications development in Android is based on an SDK that assists developers with many tools and APIs to create custom applications in many areas. We are experts in open source systems development and we further extend our services to offer solutions in Android phone applications development that are unique to your business. Using an Android application is extremely affordable and cost-effective for SMBs because it does not involve licensing fees and royalty. Also, since it runs on a Linux platform the apps are less vulnerable to breakdowns.

iPhone and iPad Application Development

iPhone applications use the internet as a medium to access information easily from anywhere and works well with web based applications that use a browser. Mobile apps increase overall employee productivity, increase efficiency and revenues by unifying communications with the existing business structure. We are a web solutions and development company that specializes in creating innovative custom applications for the iPhone using the proprietary SDK from Apple Inc. Our apps development consists of a series of stages to provide maximum user experience.

Windows Phone Application Development

The Windows OS for mobile platforms is developed by Microsoft and is gaining popularity quickly in many mobile devices and smart phones. Users with windows powered mobile phones can benefit greatly because of the availability of many computing features that are similar to MS Windows OS for the desktop. The most popular desktop software namely, MS Office, MS Outlook, etc. are easily available in a mobile device that is powered by a Windows mobile OS.

Blackberry Application Development

The Blackberry mobile platform supports modern web frameworks and apps development in new technologies namely, HTML-5, Dojo, JQuery, etc. The list of apps and their features are never ending. The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) app in a Blackberry provides many features like a calendar, scheduler, address-book, notes, to-do list, internet browsing and instant messaging.

Cross Flatform Mobile Development

Our key strengths are in mobile applications development. We create innovative applications that can work powerfully on any type of mobile platform viz, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc. without the need for additional resource. We offer consulting and integration services in cross-platform mobile applications. We have a professional pool of experts specialized in cross-platform mobile application development using the cross-platform development tools and technologies. Further, building an application to work seamlessly on any platform provides many benefits for your business.