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    Simplify your business operations and supply chain with increased efficiency and maximized ROI.

The Ideal Way to Transact Business Globally

The Ideal Way to Transact Business Globally E-Commerce, also called Electronic Commerce enables businesses and companies to buy and sell goods and services over the internet. By using ecommerce solutions, companies are able to establish harmonious business relationships with clients, customers and partners quickly irrespective of the location or distance. We specialize in developing ecommerce solutions in two types namely business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C).

Ecommerce has expanded quite rapidly over the last decade due to its functionalities in managing big or voluminous transactions quite easily. We make sure our clients are ensured the maximum business value while choosing our ecommerce development solutions. The following points highlight the major advantages of our ecommerce solutions,

  • Sell your products and services online and reach out globally
  • Conduct business, compete or partner with global players
  • SMEs looking to go to the next higher level
  • Business growth with minimal or reduced over head cost
  • Overall business expansion and growth due to reduced turn around time in processing transactions

Our E-Commerce Service and Solutions

We provide ecommerce solutions for clients looking for lateral business expansion and perform transactions on-line. Companies benefit by reaching out to clients and partners with their latest products and service offers without the need for additional investment.

Our substantial expertise in web site design, development and maintenance helps us in quickly developing web based ecommerce solutions that is unique for our clients.

Our solutions under ecommerce services include,

  • Shopping Cart Solutions: Shopping cart solutions handle the functions of buying and selling products or goods over the internet. We build custom ecommerce web sites for your products that can integrate this functionality by which our clients perform online business. This functionality has the added advantage of turning web site visitors into customers.

  • Our solutions are built to ensure data integration and management and all online transactions are secured. The list below provides features of our ecommerce shopping cat services,
    • Inventory Management
    • Multi pricing and offers
    • Content management system
    • Order processing, tracking and management
    • Major credit cards, net-banking features for money transfers
    • Gift certificates, offers, etc.
    • Separate Administrator functions and controls
    • Business intelligence, MIS and Statistics reports
    • Payment gateways
  • Order Management: This is an important function under ecommerce systems, which manages the entire processes that are involved when a customer places an online order for a product. Order management functions include,
    • Order detailed views for administrator
    • Auto generation of Order numbers
    • Edit orders
    • List orders by each customer
    • Search status of order for shipping
    • Scheduled orders

  • Ecommerce web site design and development: Our ecommerce web site design offers solutions to companies to perform transactions globally. We offer to enhance your existing web site for ecommerce functionalities, or to build and develop a new ecommerce web site from scratch using latest tools and methodologies. Solutions are provided with enterprise level functionalities and are SEO friendly. Our team specializes in building effective and efficient B2B and B2C ecommerce web sites. Our solutions are focused at every level of development that improves revenue and business value for our clients.
The demands of each business are unique, and companies look for an effective ecommerce solution that meets their objectives, business needs and requirements. Mindzpark offers unique solutions that are totally customer centric, develop strategy that improves business and provide an enhanced user experience.

If you are a company wishing to conduct business online and looking to expand your business please feel free to contact us.