• Cross Platform Mobile Development

    At Mindzpark, we have a pool of mobile application experts to build cutting edge solutions under different platforms commonly available.

The competition between mobile OS is increasing rapidly. The need of the hour is to build applications that are compatible to work on any mobile platform with the same set of functionalities irrespective of the device brand or OS. Having a business promotional app that can work seamlessly on every mobile device provides the benefit of reaching out to all customers in one go instead of targeting customers based on their mobile device. Recently, the new trend is followed by SMBs, as they plan to deploy solutions that can work universally on any mobile device platform.

Applications designed to work on cross-platform mobile platform provides the answer to these varied market needs and helps SMBs to target their customers with business promotions. Enterprises are also rapidly building business applications that can work flawlessly on all types of mobile platforms available in the market.

Our Cross-Platform Expertise

Our key strengths are in mobile applications development. We create innovative applications that can work powerfully on any type of mobile platform viz, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc. without the need for additional resource. We offer consulting and integration services in cross-platform mobile applications.

We have a professional pool of experts specialized in cross-platform mobile application development using the cross-platform development tools and technologies. Further, building an application to work seamlessly on any platform provides many benefits for your business that include,

  • Deploy an universal application
  • Eliminate the need for separate apps for separate devices
  • Cusromized app development that works for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phones, Android, etc
  • Use social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) on the move
  • High ROI and interoperability
  • Compliment your existing work processes
  • Reduced time for development cycle

Mindzpark’s Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Mobile platforms include a wide range of features and functionalities that drive smart mobile devices to perform optimally. The most popular ones include Apple’s iOS, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, etc. These platforms support a wide range of web technologies like open source (Java, JQuery,….), mobile SDK, HTML, CSS, etc.

Many flexible and powerful multipurpose mobile development frameworks have emerged during the years that help to build and deploy cross-platform mobile applications. The most notable cross-platform frameworks include PhoneGap, Titanium, Rhodes, etc that are used to build native mobile apps that works seamlessly on any platform.

Our expertise in these mobile cross-platform mobile development frameworks has ensured our successes in creating powerful and user-friendly universal mobile applications resulting in our clients receiving a happy user experience and/or improved business revenue.

We provide dedicated cross-platform mobile development experts to work exclusively for your project on contract. Are you looking to deploy a killer application that can work on any mobile device? We have the solution to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us for a consultative discussion.