• Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry phones manufactured by RIM, are smart phones used by business executives and they provide an ideal platform for using business enterprise applications while on the move. This mobile phone is designed for business purposes, and provides functionalities that are similar to a laptop computer.

A travelling business executive looks for a convenient and efficient communication device that is easy to carry, can provide access to real-time data, increase process efficiency, and can perform tasks that are similar to a computer at the push of a button. A Blackberry phone is one mobile device that can take care of all these needs, that is much smaller than a laptop computer. A business traveler can quickly slip this phone into his pocket and can quickly use the relevant applications to get connected with the office servers while travelling.

This phone is ideal business because for its ability to multi-task, run applications in the background, provides security and reliability of data. Blackberry phones can easily integrate with the existing systems and users can synchronize data with their office computer systems. We provide customized solutions for using Blackberry phones in business applications development.

We offer solutions in a variety of application areas namely,

  • E-mails and Instant messaging
  • Order processing and sales tracking
  • ERP and CRM
  • Multimedia apps
  • Messaging
  • Client-server applications
  • Web based solutions

Advantages of Blackberry Apps

The Blackberry mobile platform supports modern web frameworks and apps development in new technologies namely, HTML-5, Dojo, JQuery, etc. The list of apps and their features are never ending. The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) app in a Blackberry provides many features like a calendar, scheduler, address-book, notes, to-do list, internet browsing and instant messaging. Using our applications the user can reap business benefits in many ways notably,

  • E-mails and Instant messaging
  • Real time decision making
  • Real time access to corporate servers and database
  • Quicker access to BI
  • Improvements in quality and operations
  • Reduced turnaround times on critical issues
  • Overall effectiveness and productivity

Our apps facilitate a business executive in accessing data over a secure connection and offers immense opportunities in real-time marketing, secure messaging and content presentation. We use our tremendous expertise to create innovative cutting edge apps for the Blackberry that are easily deployable and works seamlessly to make your business life much easier.

While using our apps you can be sure to maximize returns. Please feel free to ask for clarifications, it is our pleasure to have a consultation appointment with you.